Aamir and Butt, prepared for the worst

Pakistan’s suspended pacer Muhammad Aamir and captain Salman Butt are said to be prepared for the worst as the anti-corruption tribunal of ICC has announced its decision on the allegations against them with Muhammad Asif this Saturday.

Left for Doha for the verdict, the two Pakistan players said that they had known the case’s so-called “realities.”

Butt said that it’s been “hell” for them, however, they really don’t have any idea, at the moment, what would be the verdict but they hope for the best, though.

The three players got suspended by the ICC last September, charged for spot-fixing and violating the anti-corruption code of conduct rule of the ICC.

Butt added that he really doesn’t have any idea what will be happening. He said that however, it’s an understatement for him to say that the next 24 hours will be the most intense for him.

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