Afridi finds ‘elder’ who would convince Yousuf to come out of retirement

Newly appointed Pakistan Test captain Shahid Afridi is trying hard to convince former skipper Mohammed Yousuf to come out of retirement to play in the forthcoming tough England tour, and has even consulted a key elder who has a lot of influence on the former captain.

According to sources, Yousuf takes all his important decisions only after consulting Haji Abdul Wahab of Raiwind, and he is the one who could persuade him to change his decision regarding retiring from all forms of cricket.

Afridi expressed the hope that Yousuf would certainly change his mind on the advice of elders, whom he gives utmost respect.

“I’ve talked to Yousuf and I’ve also talked to a few elders, who can influence him to come out of retirement for the sake of Pakistan. I’m sure that he would listen to them and change his mind about retiring from international cricket,” The News quoted Afridi, as saying.

“We will certainly need his services in England,” he said.

Afridi said that he believes that Yousuf is a great player who would not need much effort to make a successful comeback during the Test series against England and Australia in July.

“Yousuf is a great batsman and I’m sure that even if he just plays in a couple of warm-up matches before the Test series, he will be ready for the tough assignment. He won’t need much time to get ready for the tour,” the flamboyant allrounder said.

Earlier, Yousuf had said that he may come out of retirement only if his elders ask him to do so.

“If fate allows I will play for Pakistan again but only if my elders give me permission,” he had said. (ANI)

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