Alastair Cook ambitions to be the next England’s captain

Alastair Cook, England opener, ambitions to lead his beloved country after the retirement of Andrew Strauss, the present team captain.

Moreover, the opener, who is one of the stars of the ongoing Ashes series opposing to Australia, isn’t not in hurry on grabbing the most-wanted position.

Cook had been trained as the heir of Strauss for the previous years and filled in during the tour of Bangladesh of his country last spring.

The 26-year-old opener said in an interview that it’d be a huge honor if it really comes on his way and it’d be amazing for him to do. However, he revealed that he doesn’t crave for it since he agrees that nobody knows the team’s future.

He also stressed one when people said few months ago that he shouldn’t be the opening in the Ashes, and said that it’s always good to prove people that they’re wrong.

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