Australia women’s team embraces Indian culture

Australia women have been enjoying the cultural richness of India since arriving in the country on Wednesday.

Having settled in Ahmedabad over the last couple of days, Australia have combined their busy training schedule with the opportunity to visit local tourist attractions of cultural and religious significance.

On Friday a group of players visited the Sabarmati Ashram, where Gandhi spent approximately 12 years of his life. The Ashram has since been recognised as a national monument in light of its links to the Indian independence movement and now houses a museum.

Australia batter Leah Poulton was among the group that visited the Ashram and said it was important for the players to immerse themselves in the cultures of the countries that they tour.

“You can do one of two things, you can either stay in the hotel and stay away from it (the culture) or you can get out there and explore.

“This team that we have, we love getting out there and seeing parts of India and the locals are so nice and welcoming to us we’d be crazy to not get out there and get some new experiences,” Poulton said.

Poulton said it was also important to share the cultural experiences with her teammates.

“We do get to go to lots of different places and we make a point to get out there and spend time together and really enjoy it.

“We’ve got some new people on tour as well that haven’t been to India so it’s nice for the older girls to get out there and show the younger girls different parts and different experiences,” Poulton said.

Australia plays a Tour match on Saturday and Poulton said the team was well prepared for its first hit-out since arriving in India.

“We’ve had a couple of really good training sessions.

“The wickets that we’ve been training on are very similar to what we’ll be playing on tomorrow. The Indians have been really good in giving us some good quality net bowlers as well.

“(We’ve had some) really good training sessions so we really couldn’t be better prepared,” Poulton said.

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