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Big Bash League 2011 2012 Points Table | Team Standings

Big Bash League 2011/2012 Points Table


Big Bash League Points Table | Big Bash 2011-2012 Team Standings

Points table of the KFC Big Bash League 2011-2012, the premier Twenty20 cricket competition in Australia.

Team Played Won Lost N/R Tie Points Net R/R
Perth Scorchers 7 5 2 0 0 10 +0.626
Hobart Hurricanes 7 5 2 0 0 10 +0.569
Sydney Sixers 7 5 2 0 0 10 +0.262
Melbourne Stars 7 4 3 0 0 8 +0.254
Brisbane Heat 7 3 4 0 0 6 +0.324
Adelaide Strikers 7 2 5 0 0 4 -0.338
Melbourne Renegades 7 2 5 0 0 4 -0.582
Sydney Thunder 7 2 5 0 0 4 -1.250

Big Bash League 2012-13 Points Table

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  1. chanchal says:

    will watson play any match of big bash

  2. Jayesh says:

    strange!!! Razzaq and afridi in melbournce Renegades, but still on losing side.

  3. bob says:

    strikers all day Blizzard to good

  4. Khalendar says:

    Birt and shah batted like a real hurricane¤fantastic to watch¤

  5. shahmeer abbass says:

    afridi and razzak will give good performance in their match with sydney thunders on 30 dec 2011

  6. malikRustam says:

    Rana bowling like Tiger

  7. Jayesh says:

    MR. Shahmeer, T20 is not just on players name. performsnce speaks which is not in case of afridi and razzaq

  8. Usman says:

    No one is greater then gayle in t20 format……..

  9. at last Afridi guides his team to arena

  10. Arslan says:

    Afridi rocks agaist thunder,

  11. ADU says:


  12. Junaid says:

    afridi always rocks…….Tailormade for this format of cricket

  13. Junaid says:

    Afridi always rocks…….He id tailormade for this format of cricket

  14. navaid says:

    thnx Allah afridi team upward in pointstable after agnst sydny thundr!

  15. Vicky says:

    All matches are fixed

  16. shahzad says:

    i think the match of 30th dec 2011 was fixed.

  17. shahmeer abbass says:

    mr jahesh now shut ur mouth bcs afridi rocked in the match vs sydney thunders.inshallah afridi will rock in evry match

  18. navaid says:

    inshallah! now i thng afridi team is ready fr roking perf:

  19. inshallah afrdii bhai wii get his team to win plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz everyone say ameen

    • Jem Patel says:

      Not sure about that can he be trusted. Hopefully Sydney Thunders will win. They have the best player Chris Gayle. I didn’t see Afridi’s name in the leading run scorer or wicket taker.

      • ARSLAN says:

        they have only chris gayle and one man can’t fight with whole team, i think they even will not qualify for semifinal

  20. shaukat ali says:

    BBL T20 Owsum league i love it.BOOM BOOM Afridi i wish you comeback in your style soon and very well.Abdul razzaq you also.RANA such a great all rounder runing like a brave tiger and a heart of HOBART HORRICANES.Cris Gayle Lion of t20 cricket what he strike.I like thunder but i spot Hobart horricanes.I wish and pray BRAVE Batsman UMER AKMAL in action next kfc bbl T20.

  21. Nadeem says:

    Afridi is the father of all cricketers


    afrid and razzaq strength of renegeds

  23. Baba Arya says:

    Melbourne Stars ye team jitegi kal ka match 100%

  24. Mian Arslan says:

    Afridi is the match winner player evrytime.I love afridi’s cricket.chris Gayle also a very good cricketr.i think melbron regendrs will go for sami-final.inshallah

  25. aqdas says:

    melbourn renegads will be winning the big bash

  26. mit says:

    i think hobart will get kfc bigbash 2011-12 title

  27. Kunal says:

    hobart hurricanes r in hurry too grab the bbl….& brisbane heat r burnt in their own heat…brisbane ur fired from this league..sorry for u….gayle,afridi& marsh bro….rocks…..go on…we want too see some more exietining stuff out of bbl……….

  28. sai says:

    melbourne stars is a great team in paper , but hey are completely messed it up .

  29. sai says:

    i think sydney thunder will lift the cup because of gayle and warner .

  30. Khalendar says:

    Srikers and renegades they are the best team in bbl ¥ it will be strikers vs renegades in semis

  31. Rana Mohson Ali says:

    today! kfc big basg sydny striker will be win the match,, and perth scroocher win the match Enjoy!

  32. danish memon says:

    ithink tomorrw whoever bat 2nd will win..

  33. Khalendar says:

    Strikers will bat 1st nd will win 2maro against sixers

  34. ibtahaj hussain khuram says:

    all indians are match fixers
    indians are jealous of BBL coz they know its far better than IPL.BBL mein drama kam aur massala zaada hota hay
    and afridi is best cricketer on the planet.

  35. Jayesh says:

    All Pakistani cricketers are going flop in BBL.

  36. ashmal says:

    jayesh…shut ur mouth…afridi is performing very well as a bowler…and his team has won more matches than india won in england nd australia series…so plz stop ur nonsense…pak cricket rokks

  37. M shahzaib jutt says:

    I Think Melbourne Renegades will win the big bash title…….

  38. sagar says:

    who will win today match between thunder or scorcheer reply must.. let’s c who say true

  39. rakib says:


  40. Ali Adeel says:

    rana is the best bowling

  41. Rahul says:

    Today surely macullum wil play and he and hayden wil guide heat to win… These guys r outstanding

  42. Faizan says:

    @jayesh munna bakwas mat, if your indian team is world champion so why they do not defet england in england,soth africa in south africa, and australia in australia,you both are only the hero of flat pitches,bouncing pitch is not your cup of tea,so better for your team just ply only your home ground.atleast pakistan win 3 or 4 out of 8 matches on england tour.and your team lost all series by nil.ha ha ha…

  43. M shahzaib jutt says:

    today Melbourne Renegades will win this match……..

  44. amir says:

    mark my words perth is gonna win the title .

  45. bilal abbasi says:

    i think that australia clean sweeps the india in homeground and india lose test as well as odis…..they are only lions in india only

  46. Jayesh says:

    he he he all pakis fans. look at point tables. no pakistani is rocking. melbourne renegades is on last positions. the team in which pakis will play will be on last position loser or fixer. and shout your mouth talking nonsense on india. india defeated pakis in WC semis that is enough for you to cry for years.

  47. rahul says:

    adelaid striker wil win big bash…

  48. Imtiaz says:

    Hi indians look at state of india in australia they r crying for just a single victory and mr tan dul kar was afraid of shoaibs bowlng u iave not hero like shoaib akhtar

  49. omer ahmed says:

    hehehe look urself indians back to back 2 series clean sweep ……with england nd then with australia
    watt a shame..hohohoho

    • Jayesh says:

      Lossing with efforts dosnt matters to fans. but lossing for money and fixing the matches is crime and inbuilt quality of pakistanis. for money sake they can sold the pride of country. nothing more shameful than this.

  50. siddharth says:

    The favourites will finish last

  51. imran says:

    i think all indian players play in big bash league than the best performance in austrailia

  52. Pawan says:

    If bcci wants a good performance of indian playares in australia then bcci need to give permison to paly in big bash to indian playres.

  53. abbas umar says:

    bahat afsos hai k afrdi bhai renegades semi final mein jaga na bana sakhi.

  54. Abubakar Sadeeque says:

    If Pakistani boom boom participate in bbli ,
    this allows us so happiness !
    Am i right friends !

  55. Hassan khattak says:

    u r right !
    If this happens,
    then that is very well for us Pakistanies.

  56. Altaf6 says:

    I think sidney thanders won the big bash leagu (india loser ha ha ha ha)


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