Brave decisions need to be made in the interests of Australian cricket: Shane Warne

Shane Warne believes changes are necessary for the Test team to compete against India in the upcoming four-match series in the wake of the seven-run loss to New Zealand on Monday.

“When you’re winning you can carry a bowler and a batsman, but when you start losing like we have in the last two series – we lost two Test matches.”

“It is disappointing and when that happens everyone gets under scrutiny and their own performance gets put under the microscope.”

“If you’ve been performing you’ll be okay, but if you haven’t performing you’re going to get dropped and someone else is going to get a go, that’s life.”

“Cricket is a performance based game – if you don’t perform you shouldn’t be playing. All the guys that haven’t been performing – not just one player – will come under the microscope of selectors.”

“I think they have to say, ‘who’s available that can take their place? Are they going to make the team stronger? Have we hung on to someone too long? Is there someone else we need to get in there? All those types of questions will be asked.”

“It’s a tough one for the selectors, but some brave decisions need to be made in the interests of Australian cricket to make sure that the best things happen in Australian cricket are strong.”

Struggling veterans Ricky Ponting and Mike Hussey are expected to be retained for the Melbourne Test against India beginning on Boxing Day following yesterday’s seven-run loss to New Zealand in Hobart.

But Warne says his former team-mates need to be aware that youth is the way forward for Michael Clarke’s side and ongoing poor form won’t be tolerated by selectors.

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