Brett Lee happy with Australia’s coaching support staff

Australian fast bowler Brett Lee feels that the introduction of Justin Langer, Steve Rixon and Craig McDermott in the coaching support staff has made a big difference in the team.

“I think with what I have seen over the past couple of weeks that Australian cricket is in a great place and hopefully we will get the results at the other end,” Lee was quoted as saying by The Australian.

Langer has been appointed as the batting coach, Rixon has been given charge of fielding while McDermott is the bowling coach.

Lee said that it was a “no brainer” that the change was needed.

“The new coaches have been a blessing; it has made it so much fun and the talk around the squad is that the guys have really enjoyed the sessions we’ve had. Fielding can sometimes be a chore, as with batting and bowling, but when you have a different outlook and new people around and young guys in the squad it has really clicked.

“There is no doubt that this summer we will be in the mix and doing well. There are huge things in sight,” said Lee.

Lee said, at 34, he is at a unique phase of his cricketing journey. He has nothing to prove and many people didn’t expect him to be around after the troubles he has had in the past two seasons with fitness.

“I am at a different stage in my career to a lot of people with me in this camp now, but I am just really enjoying my cricket,” he said.

“Cricket is a game where you can put yourself under a lot of pressure. Usually it is your own expectations, but I just put a plan in place just to enjoy the back end of my career. Heaven knows how long it is going to go for; there would have been a lot of people who might have thought that it would finish a long time back.

“As long as I can still bowl at 150km/h, as long as I can offer something to the Australian cricket team and most importantly as long as I can pass on my knowledge to the young guys passing through then I will keep going.

“The outlook I have is working for me. I was happy with the way I bowled in the last Australian summer, I was happy with the way I bowled in the World Cup, I was happy with the way I bowled in the Indian Premier League.”

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