Celebrity Cricket League unites film industry: Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan, owner of the Mumbai Heroes, says that the Celebrity Cricket League will help reunite the entire Indian film industry.

“It’s all about sharing the space together. As we said, there is no barrier and all film industries can be a part of this competitive sport. It is great to see them unite and play cricket in a sporting spirit.”

“It is great fun and we have a good laugh in the after parties regarding the experiences of the game. We are not cricketers. We are just actors training to play good cricket. Getting everyone together is good fun.”

“The league is also growing in size. Last year we had four teams, this year we’ve got six teams and next year we are going to have eight teams and then we are going to end with ten teams.

“We are going to introduce the Marathi and Punjabi team next year. Then there will be a Bhojpuri and a Gujarati team.

“We plan to cover all the film industries of India and it is a great platform for bringing together directors and producers.”

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