Chennai Super Kings would be under pressure to defend title: R Ashwin

In an interaction with the media just before a nets session, Chennai Super Kings off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, addressed the media today

chennai Super Kings

Q. Prospects for this championship

Ans. This season will be very interesting. The pitch at the Chepauk stadium is new and there are a couple of additions to the team.

We also have some players coming off injuries especially since a lot of International cricket has been played recently.

So we need to ensure that we practice a lot and we carry on through the Championship without picking up any major injuries. We also need to settle down quickly and gauge the new pitch here.

Realistically speaking all 9 teams have an equal opportunity to lift the title. We hope to do well. We take a lot of confidence from the fact that our core group of players remains the same and have belief in each other’s abilities.

Q. What will be the key for a good showing this year

Ans. The Chennai Super Kings has a challenge and that is due to the relaid pitch here at the Chepauk. More than the turn, what helps spinners is the bounce that the wicket offers. If you notice we have done exceedingly well when the pitch has been responsive with good bounce.

So for us one of the first things to check will be the bounce of the pitch. That is critical.Bounce in the wicket is always a positive factor for the spinners here. The team as a unit has been practicing hard and we hope to settle down quickly.

I think the bowlers play a key role in the T 20 format. If the bowlers bowl well then they set up the game. If we restrict the opposing team to a low score, than our batters will do the rest.

Q. How do you view the addition of Ravindra Jadeja

Ans. Yes we have a good spinning combination. Jakati has performed really well in past editions. I look forward to partnering him in this edition since we have combined well in the past.

Having Ravindra Jadeja is an added bonus since he can bat well too. So we do have a lot of options. I will be sharing a lot of tips on the pitch to Jadeja for sure.

Q. What do you think about the Super Kings bowling attack

Ans. We have a good and strong bowling attack. Our spin attack is one of our main strengths. We have 2 spinners who take the ball away from the left handers and one who takes it away from the right handed batsman.

Chennai Super Kings have around 6 spin bowling options. We back each other and I feel that for all our bowlers it is the bounce that the pitch offers that will be the key to our success here.

Q. A word for your fans

Ans. The fans of the Chennai Super Kings have just been tremendous. We feed off that support and this is one factor for our success in Chennai. I hope they carry on supporting us

Q. Pressure of expectations

Ans. Yes, there is pressure on us due to the success the Super Kings have had over the last couple of years. There will also be pressure playing at the Chepauk since our win ratio here is so high.

In the past we have often banked on the fact that we will do well here. This time though I think it is more or less even, since even we need to come to grips with the new pitch.

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