The Chennai Super Kings today unveiled their website in a completely new and eye catching format.

The new website presented in a great International format, contains dynamic online tools to help fans easily navigate and satisfy their various information needs.

The look and feel of the Official Website reflects the energy and spirit which best epitomizes this great team.

Some of the other features of the website include updated news on the home page, easy to locate and navigation friendly icons, a full frontal presentation enabling fans to quickly find or navigate to specific pages and a more engaging player profile page.

Fans of the Chennai Super Kings will be pleased with the user-friendly layout that will have an emphasis on editorial content.

Also new is the ability for fans to use the website to engage more in their social media outlets with the ability to Tweet or share articles with their friends.

“Repackaging and launching our website was long overdue and very high on our priority list,” said, Mr. Rakesh Singh, Joint President Marketing, The India Cements Limited.

“We are very pleased with the product we are presenting to our fans today. This is an important step forward not only for them but also to help better connect between the fans and the players of our team.”

“I do hope that our fans continue their passionate support to our team, and extend this support by engaging themselves on our social digital platform,” said, Mr. Chandrabhan Tiwari, General Manager – Marketing, The India Cements Limited.

“I am sure such undying support will propel the team to even greater heights.”

The website will contain key content areas such as exclusive Team news and match schedules. Player profiles, blogs by eminent personalities and downloads.

Together, with the help of its social media arms – Facebook and Twitter, the Official Website of the Super Kings, will have a dominating digital presence. The site will also be embellished by videos and blogs.

To see the new website in action and find out more about the Chennai Super Kings, please visit

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