CLT20 2011: Champions League Twenty20 Format Confirmed

The Champions League Twenty20 (CLT20) Governing Council has confirmed the format and dates for the 2011 tournament to be played in India.

CLT20 2011 will follow the same format as 2010 and will be held in Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata from 23 September to 9 October.

CLT20 Qualifier will be played in Hyderabad from 19-21 September to decide the final three teams that qualify for the main event.

Stage I: Qualifier, Venue: Hyderabad Dates: 19 September – 21 September

A six-team qualifier will be held in Hyderabad from 19-21 September. Kolkata Knight Riders (fourth, IPL), Trinidad and Tobago (Champion, West Indies) and Auckland Aces (Champion, New Zealand) have already been invited to participate, with the teams from Sri Lanka (one) and England (two) yet to be confirmed.

The top three teams at the conclusion of the qualifier will advance to the main tournament. The format for the qualifier will be announced soon.

Stage II: 2011 Champions League Twenty20, Dates: 23 September – 9 October,Venues: Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata

The top three teams from the qualifier will join three IPL teams, two T20 teams from Australia and two from South Africa in the main event. As in 2010, the 10 teams will be divided into two groups of five, and the top two sides from both groups will play the semi-finals.

Bengaluru will host the inaugural game on 23 September and along with Chennai will host a semi-final. The 2011 CLT20 Final will be played in Chennai on 9 October.

CLT20 2011 Qualifier – Teams

  • Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies)
  • Auckland Aces (New Zealand)
  • Sri Lanka (Team tbc)
  • England 1 (Team tbc)
  • England 2 (Team tbc)

2011 Champions League Twenty20 Teams

  • South Australian Redbacks (Australia)
  • NSW Blues (Australia)
  • Warriors (South Africa)
  • Cape Cobras (South Africa)
  • Chennai Super Kings (India)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Mumbai Indians (India)
  • 3 x Qualifier (Teams tbc)

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  1. Navin

    Champions league T20 is a special tournament that everyone enjoys watching it because of various teams in the world are going to participate in the league and it makes the things better and enjoyable.


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