Didn’t ask for review as I was confused: Dravid

Rahul Dravidhas said that he did not ask for a review of the umpire’s decision in his bizarre dismissal during the third cricket Test against England as he was confused – he could not figure out where the sound had come from though he was sure he did not edge the ball.

In India’s 16th over, Dravid was given out caught behind as it appeared that an outswinger from James Anderson had edged through to the keeper.

Hot Spot showed no point of contact with the bat on the infra-red replay. Snick-o-meter also confirmed that Dravid had not edged it, and the sound produced was that of a bat clipping the shoe lace.

Dravid stood there for few second before he decided to walk back to the pavilion without asking for the UDRS.

“My first instinct was that I had not hit it. But there was a loud noise, and I couldn’t figure out where it had come from. I knew I hadn’t hit the ground, or my pad, or my shoe, so it confused me as to where the noise had come from. But I didn’t think I had touched it,” Dravid said.

“So I asked my partner and he said there was a big noise. So I had Simon Taufel, one of the best umpires in the world, ruling me out, my partner saying it was out and I myself had heard the noise. I thought maybe it was just one of those instances where I hadn’t felt the edge.”

“As soon as I got back to the dressing room I told the guys I had to see the replay. I wanted to know where I had touched it. I could never have imagined it was a shoelace.”

Dravid said had he taken the review and batted along with Tendulkar, India could have put up a bigger fight.

“It was disappointing because I’ve been batting well and if I had batted longer with Sachin, who played well in that innings, and if we had seen off Anderson’s spell before lunch, we could have at least put up a bigger fight,” said Dravid who became the second most prolific Test batsman after Tendulkar during the tour.

Dravid praised England bowlers, who have been superb in the series.

“It’s been a hard series for a combination of reasons. The pitches have been conducive to good swing bowling, and also the quality of the England bowling has been superb. Their seamers have bowled beautiful lengths, and have pitched the ball up. We expected England to be good in this series, but we expected ourselves to be better.”

While Dravid praised England, he said England’s test will come when they tour India for a Test series next year.

“You have to do well in conditions in which you haven’t done well. England haven’t won in India for 27 years, so they have to do that. They’ve got the team and the skills to do it but it still needs to be done. Hopefully we can stop them from doing that,” he said.

At Edgbaston, India slumped to their third-biggest defeat in Tests which meant England replaced India as No. 1 in the ICC’s Test rankings.

Dravid said India will play for pride in the fourth Test and are thinking to reclaim the number one position.

“Of course we want to play for pride and to show people what we can do. But also the goal now is to get back to No. 1 and for that every Test matters.”

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