Former Cricketers Unhappy About Ganguly’s Exclusion

Former cricketers in Jharkhand say that the rejection of cricketer Sourav Ganguly by the IPL bidders was a ‘humiliation’ to his T20 cricket contribution and would rob the attraction of the tournament.

Ex-left-arm spinner Avinash Kumar said that it’s really humiliating for a very good player who had contributed something to the T20 last year and it’s disappointing for many that his name wasn’t even suggested.

Adil Hussein, the former Bihar Ranji captain, said that the auctioneering surprises them and he could’ve attracted a crowd anywhere. He added that he has doubts about their sense of cricket if they thought about Sourav not having lasted for 3 years.

Ashok Ghosh, the former Bihar gloves man, said that Sourav is a great player and he doesn’t know the reason behind his exclusion.

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