Former Pak captain Mohammed Yousuf’s family members embrace Islam

Family members of former Pakistan cricket captain Mohammed Yousuf have embraced Islam, almost five years after he turned to the religion from Christianity.

The Nation quoted a private television channel as reporting that Yousuf’s three brothers along with their family members have embraced Islam.

Yousuf, who was known as Yousuf Youhana prior to his change of religion, had accepted Islam in 2005 much to the discomfort of his family members, particularly his mother.

“I don’t want to give Yousuf my name after what he has done. We came to know about his decision when he offered Friday Prayers at a local mosque. It was a shock,” Yousuf’s mother had said when the news about his son changing his religion was first made public.

Yousuf was effectively banned from playing international cricket for an indefinite period by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in March following an inquiry into the team’s defeat during the tour of Australia, which held him responsible for the team’s shoddy performance during the tour.

He later announced his retirement from all formats of the game in protest against the PCB’s decision. (ANI)

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