Ganguly says his retirement report was completely misunderstood

Just the day after speculations about his retirement from any kinds of cricket circulated so quickly, ex-captain of India Sourav Ganguly said that it was just a classic case of misunderstanding. The comments by the media made him shocked and disappointed since he believes that the media just misinterpreted his saying.

Ganguly, who reiterated that he didn’t mean to quit from domestic cricket, said that the media had blown what he said out of the proportion.

The peeved cricketer said that it was completely a misunderstanding since the media has a sequence of questions but what he really meant was that if he doesn’t play in IPL, he wouldn’t play domestic cricket. He said that it was said in a total different perspective.

Ganguly added that he never said during the interview about retiring from all forms of cricket since he believes that there wasn’t a question of backtracking. He doesn’t understand how the media had come to such conclusion.

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