Glenn McGrath, planning to bring ‘Pink Test’ campaign to England

Glenn McGrath, the pace legend, is currently planning on taking his ‘Pink test’ campaign to England in order to raise more money for the breast cancer patients after the campaign got a good response in Australia.

The endeavor of the ex-fast bowler is to generate funds so he can raise the awareness of the people especially the women about breast cancer after his wife Jane suffered and died from the said cancer or illness.

McGrath said in an interview that the support they’re getting from Australia has been great and he hopes that it’d also be great in England as well.

He emphasized that having a ‘Pink test’ would be a very amazing event if at Lord’s and he hopes that it can really come true.

Claiming 536 Test wickets, McGrath admitted that it’ll be hard for them to win since England played good cricket and the team has confidence.

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