Greg Chappell calls for cricket to use DRS

Former Australia Test captain and one-time coach of India, Greg Chappell says technology should be used to help umpires in all international series, not just at the whim of competing nations.

Chappell’s comments came after  after Mike Hussey and Ed Cowan were controversially dismissed on the opening day of the first Test between India and Australia on Monday.

“Technology is not perfect but the technology has taken the pressure of the umpires. If there’s a chance that the really bad ones are overturned and the game is better for it then we should have the technology,” Chappell said.

“If you’re going to use it, you’ve got to use it everywhere.”

“I can understand why some of the India batsmen don’t want to use the DRS. I think as a batsman you are more likely to get the close decisions to go your way (without DRS).

“If you have the review system, chances are you will be given out more likely than not.”

Chappell agreed that India’s powerful position in world cricket played a part in the ICC not demanding they not play with the DRS.

“You have got to think there’s politics there in some way, shape or form,” Chappell said.

“The fact that they are so powerful they (ICC) pretty much can make the decisions that suit them best.

“Their argument is that it’s not conclusive always. There are mistakes made so they would rather go with the umpire’s decision.”

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