Guyana team will play Caribbean T20

The Guyana Cricket Board has managed to make some progress in being able to provide a Guyana team for the Caribbean Twenty20 2012 Tournament.

The GCB had, on Wednesday, advised the WICB that it was not in a position to provide a Guyana team for the Caribbean Twenty20 as a result of logistical and administrative challenges imposed upon it by the Government of Guyana.

The Guyana team will depart Guyana tomorrow, Saturday January 7th, and will play the feature match against the Leeward Islands on the opening day on Monday January 9th.

“The WICB is delighted that the GCB, against considerable odds, and despite the Government of Guyana’s refusal to unlock its offices, has been able to make significant steps towards being able to provide the Guyana team,” the West Indies board said.

“The WICB felt compelled to offer its assistance to the GCB in the best interest of the Guyanese cricketers, the fans of cricket in Guyana and all stakeholders.”

“The Board expresses its delight that the Guyana team will participate in the Caribbean Twenty20 as originally intended and wishes the team and the players well in their campaign.”

“The WICB hopes there will be no further logistical and/or administrative hurdles placed before the GCB or the team to prevent the team’s participation.”

“The WICB restates its commitment to the process for ensuring that the management and governance of cricket in Guyana is strengthened and improved while reiterating that the authorised governing body for cricket in Guyana is the GCB.”

“The WICB continues to make itself available for discussions to resolve the outstanding matters in Guyana.”

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