ICC allows switch-hitting tactics till May

Wellington: The International Cricket Council has issued an interim directive allowing batsmen to switch their stance, but with a couple of conditions.

Warner was told to stop switch-hitting by umpire Rod Tucker during the left-hander’s innings against West Indies on Tuesday night. After the game, Warner maintained switch-hitting was within the rules and the spirit of the game.

On that occasion, the bowler stopped in his delivery stride and Warner was warned not to do it by the umpires.

However, the ICC has issued an interim directive to run until May, which allows the move, but also cuts the bowling team some slack, NZ Herald reports.

The batsman cannot change sides until the bowler is in his delivery stride. The effect of that will be to give him or her only a moment to get his stance right, adjust his line of sight and play his shot.

But the bowler is allowed to stop in his delivery stride if he sees the batsman making his move. That will lead to an informal warning for the batsman on the grounds of time wasting. A second incident means a formal warning; a third infringement adds five runs to the fielding side.

Equally, the bowler can choose to carry on and deliver the ball. (ANI)

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