ICC approves Test Championship

The Board approved the recommendations from the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC), which met in Cape Town last month. These recommendations seek to give exciting content and context for international cricket within the Future Tours Programme (FTP) after 2012 and also to consider future ICC events.

Specifically, the ICC Board has approved the following recommendations from CEC:

1. The FTP should consist of a Test league to provide context for all Test matches. The league would determine the top four teams to qualify for an ICC Test play-off

2. The play-off should be held once every four years to determine the Test champion team with a request to hold the first such play-off in 2013

3. The FTP should also consist of a One-Day International league, the first to run from April 2011 until April 2014, culminating in the crowning of an ODI league champion. This would run separate to the ICC Cricket World Cup

4. The ICC Cricket World Cup should consist of a 10-team format from 2015

5. The ICC World Twenty20 should consist of a 16-team format from 2012, with the women’s event continuing to run alongside

6. The introduction of Twenty20 International rankings table as soon as this is justifiable.

The Board agreed that any discussion of performance-related ranking and the issue of qualification for ICC global events, including finding opportunities for Associate Members to play ODI cricket, should be considered by the ICC Governance Committee and a recommendation brought back to the Board.

ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat said: “Restructuring international cricket is a significant strategic challenge and one that must be dealt with. We have now agreed in principle to exciting and far-reaching proposals to tackle this most important issue.

“Achieving balance and unanimous agreement is not easy but we have responded well to a strategic priority to restructure international cricket. The proposals, especially introducing more meaningful context, means we now have the potential to follow international cricket that is even more exciting.”

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