ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Trophy Not A Fake One

Contrary to some erroneous and mischievous media reports, the ICC can confirm that the trophy presented to India at Wankhede Stadium on Saturday was the original ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 trophy and the one that was always intended to be presented to the winner of the event.

There is no question that this was a replica. The trophy presented to India indeed carries the specific event logo of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and has always been the cup that the 14 teams were playing for.

The trophy seized by Mumbai customs is the promotional, perpetual trophy which remains in the keeping of ICC at its headquarters in Dubai. It carries the generic ICC corporate logo rather than the logo specific to the 2011 event. That trophy will be reclaimed today and will travel back to Dubai with ICC staff as was always intended.

One thought on “ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Trophy Not A Fake One

  1. S.V.Ramanan

    Isn’t it a fact that other countries were given the perpetual trophy on winning the game?

    Has the trophy not been lying in the Customs Godown because ICC/BCCI refused to pay Rs 22 Lakhs as Refundable Deposit to the Customs for clearing the trophy?

    O r was it at the Wankhede ?

    Why did not the ICC pay the amount ,which is refundable, when it has made Rs 1500 crores from the World Cup event?


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