ICC launches online competition to suggest names for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 mascot

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced it is presenting cricket fans with a unique opportunity to play a part in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 by inviting them to propose a name for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 mascot, an elephant.

Cricket fans can make their suggestions between 20 to 27 July, 2010 with the ICC announcing the winning name of the mascot at a launch in Colombo, Sri Lanka to mark ‘200 days to go’ to the first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 which will be played in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 19 February 2011. The ICC Cricket World Cup final will be in Mumbai on 2 April 2011.

The mascot’s key characteristics are: Young, enthusiastic and determined; thinks cricket is the most fun game in the world; loves playing street cricket-would play 24/7 if he could; worships his cricket heroes, their technique, skill and character; understands there is a lot to learn, work’s hard at it, step by step; learning to master the art of concentration; dreams of playing in the ICC Cricket World Cup…one day and age: 10 (human years)

Suggestions should be sent to mascot@icc-cricket.com. (ANI)

15 thoughts on “ICC launches online competition to suggest names for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 mascot


    The mascot is ten yrs old , He is representative of all TEeN agers .His dreem to play icc world cup is to be confident throu his sound O….Oh…O………Thus the name is…..” TENO “

  2. rahul kashyap

    the mascot name is webkinz because it means super exclusive and cricket is more exclusive game in the world.


    the mascot name is ” ELEY”

    this word from the name of elephant beacause the mascot is elephant. the main aim of this mascot to play cricket


  4. Suraj S. Nijjar

    I suggest that Elly belly will be an appropriate name for this mascot because he is cute and loves cricket. He is adorable.

  5. sudarshan patil

    He is looking very excited youth and he has strong passion about it therefore his name should be………~~~~~~~~~~Striker~~~~~~~~~~.

  6. nisha kashyap

    “this is the famous name of a elephant,” White said of the bout, in which the bigger, stronger ,pounded Kimbo on the ground and beat him easily.SO THIS THE BEST NAME OF THE MASCOT IN ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP

  7. Hadisur rahman Shajib

    Its Name is EDEY coz the mascot is little and yong elephent he always think about cricket and he loves cricket he also enjoy to playing cricket should follow his cricket heroes…… understand work hard its steap by steap…….and always concentrate to diong this …thats why i suggest this name……..E:elephent D:determind E:Enjoy Y:Young

  8. sombarta

    i think the name will be “joy”. I think cricket means celebration ,enjoyment,victory.in bengali language “joy” means victory.in english “joy” means enjoyment,celebration.so i think it can speak the motto of world cup-2011

    1. sombarta

      elephant also gives us enjoyment .in ancient days elephant also used in war.so it took a grate part for one side’s victory.cricket is a war where victory is something special,so i suggest it


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