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ICC T20 Player Rankings – Batsmen, Bowlers, Allrounders


ICC T20 Player Rankings – Batsmen, Bowlers, Allrounders

ICC T20 Batsmen Rankings 

ICC T20 Bowlers Rankings 

ICC T20 Allrounders Rankings

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  1. Kritika Shane Watson says:

    I love shane watson. He is my favorite cricketer. Good to see him in the toppers.

  2. sanjaay says:

    my favorite t20 player is raina ,it is good to see him at third

  3. Akhil Raina says:

    Woah!!.. Raina has promoted to 4th from 5th… Juz <3 him… Raina is gonna Rock for sure in the ODI series n T20 series…

  4. sanjay hariramani says:

    gayle is best 2020 player

  5. love says:

    my favorite player is afridi and hafeez they well deserve top of the table

  6. hanzla says:

    I love afridi he is the best all rounder and a great entertainer.

  7. Samrat says:

    My favorate player shakib ul hasan.he very good allrounder in the world

  8. Tannu says:

    Shakib is the best.

  9. amjad says:

    my favourite player Saeed Ajmal is a Top ranking of odi and t20.

  10. Mohsin Abbas says:

    I hate to ICC very diapointment not shortlist to saeed ajmal in award list. A magistic bowler in the bowler.

  11. shahzaibabbasi says:


  12. vinoth kumar says:

    raina save india

  13. amit says:

    Raina is great young batsman for T20

  14. usamazaidbutt says:

    LIkE SHAHID AFRIdi this is a very good batsman

  15. bharat says:

    raina and yuvraj rockzz…….they r d best in T20

  16. siva kevin says:

    I think ICC forget KP…………


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