India aim for number one spot in ICC ODI ranking

India will aim to claim the number-one spot on the ICC ODI Championship Table for the first time ever when it squares off against Pakistan in a three-match series from 30 December in Chennai.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 champion India is currently ranked third on the ODI Championship Table with 120 ratings points, just one rating point behind number-one England and South Africa in second place. England is fraction of a point ahead of South Africa.

If India wins the first match in the series against Pakistan it will go top of the table for the first time ever, with 121 ratings points, putting it ahead of both England and South Africa by a fraction of a point. India has only achieved a ranking as high as number two thus far on the ODI Championship table.

If India wins all three matches in the series then it will be the clear leader at 123 ratings points, with a lead of two points over England and South Africa.

But if India was to lose even one of its matches against Pakistan, then it will remain at the third spot.

Pakistan, currently ranked sixth, on the other hand can hope to move up a spot to fifth if it wins all three matches against India, gaining six ratings points to move to 110.

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