India vs Australia 1st ODI Doubtful

The first One-Day International between India and Australia which is scheduled to be played at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium here on October 17 is doubtful due to heavy rain.

Both teams were unable to practice due to the rains. The Australian team was to practice this morning and the Indian team in the afternoon.

The ground looks like a swimming pool due to the rains last night and heavy showers since morning. Match can still be played if the rains clear by this afternoon and there is sunshine.

“Three super soppers are being put to use in the ground — which has never been done before. Hundreds of workers are mopping the ground which will be ready for the match,” said Kerala Cricket Association secretary T C Mathew.

There is a rumor that the drainage system in the stadium is clogged and not cleaned properly, hence the slow seepage of water

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