IPL 2012 Live Streaming

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has partnered with Indiatimes to be its online streaming partner for IPL 2012.

IPl 2012 live streaming will bring in more fun and enthusiasm for Cricket lovers in India. Apps like video scorecards, cheer leader app which will change the way cricket is watch and experienced.

Some of the other features that it will bring to online streaming is the ability to click on a timeline and see wickets, fours and sixes on demand and out-of-the-box content encompassing every ball, every wicket, every update and every minutest detail of IPL 2012.

Rishi Khiani, CEO, Times Internet Limited said that indiatimes will offer a holistic cricket viewing experience where one feels even more involved and immersed in the match.

In India the live streaming of IPL 2012 will be delayed by five minutes. In US the live streaming will be delayed by one hour.

Willow TV will be live streaming the IPL 5 in North America (including the United States and Canada), Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Watch IPL 2012 Live Streaming

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