IPL responsible for Australian cricket’s decline, says Miandad

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad said that the Indian Premier League (IPL) holds responsible for the decline of the Australian cricket since the Australian players for distracted by the big cash that was thrown at them by the T20.

Miandad believes that the slump of Australia has a big impact to their players. He added that most of their players got distracted due to the cash thrown at them. He said the IPL began to ignore the national duty that caused their team’s downfall.

Australia had recently lost the Ashes series and dropped down to the 5th place in the last Test rankings.

Miandad said that everything really hurts the Australian, who he is sure would’ve not declined like what happened if their players just ignored the temptation on earning big money which was just used on luring them by the IPL.

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