John Wright urges to be patient

John Wright, the coach of New Zealand, urges the people on being patient while he’s still about to rectify the batting fragility of his team ahead of the 2nd Test opposing to Pakistan on Saturday at Wellington.

The 1st Test in charge of Wright’s country had ended in a disaster after the New Zealand lost all the 10-second innings wickets in 1 session for the have fallen to a defeat inside 3 days of the Test.

Took over from Mark Greatbatch last month, Wright said that he’s older and wiser, and it’s an interesting experience for him. He said that people look at things and he supposes in reality on the challenge that the people look. He added that everyone has understood clearly that the performance was not acceptable.

Wright further said that it’ll take some time for the team and they also need to finds the batsmen who are willing to be very patient and wanting to stay despite the crease.

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