Kenya prepares for the 2011 World Cup

Eldine Baptiste, the coach of Kenya, will look to know how his untried team will be adapting to the conditions of India ahead of the World Cup next month during their 2-week tour that will begin on Thursday.

The coach includes 1 uncapped batsman and 3 young bowlers in the 20-man squad that had left Nairobi for Bangalore, where they’ll be playing 5 1-day matches opposing 2 Indian sides, Baroda and Gujarat.

The ex-West Indies fast bowler, Baptiste, said that the tour is an opportunity for them on looking at the players before they name their bets for the final squad for the 2011 World Cup.

He added that the matches should be able to provide the players several valuable practices on the Indian conditions before the World Cup since it’s important for their part.

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