Mike Hussey wants to play in West Indies series

Australian batsman Mike Hussey wants to be a part of the squad for the West Indies tour saying he has not yet thought about retiring from international cricket.

Hussey feels he has a big role to play in helping fourth-ranked Australia get back to No.1 in Test cricket and says he has always been brought up on the philosophy young players need to earn the right to play for Australia.

“I still feel I’m playing well, and mentally I’m still keen to turn up to training and mentally keen for the battle out in the middle,” Hussey said.

“From that point of view I am definitely thinking of continuing on. I’d love to go to the West Indies.”

“The culture I was brought up in is that the next generation has to earn their right to play for Australia. It took me over ten years of first-class cricket to just get one game so I don’t feel the responsibility to pass the baton on.”

“I still feel I’ve got a big role to play in the team with experience to help some of the younger members of the team.

“I still feel I can contribute to Australia working their way back to where they want to be which is to be the No.1 team in the world,” he added.

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