Munaf Patel not dating Bobby Darling

Indian cricketer Munaf Patel has made it clear that he is not dating Bobby Darling.

When asked why does Bobby claim she dated you, Munaf says, “I don’t know. For God’s sake, don’t drag me into all this. People are laughing at me. My reputation has gone down the drain. But let me reach India, I will deal with the issue.”

“I tolerated this nonsense in the past, but it seems to have become never-ending. I am contemplating legal action. I’ve even spoken to my lawyer.”

Designer Bobby Darling, who grabs the attention everywhere because of her neutral gender, said that she is a girl and last dated cricketer Munaf Patel.

Bobby said, “I am a girl and have always considered myself to be one. In fact, all my relationships have been with men. My last relationship was with cricketer Munaf Patel.”

Bobby he in reply to Munaf’s statements said, “I have been used by Munaf Patel! Of course, we were in a relationship and he kept telling me that he was in love with me. How can you spend time with someone, use that person physically- emotionally, and not even acknowledge that relationship? I can’t allow Munaf to treat me like a call girl or prostitute!”

“I have all the messages sent by him to me, which tell everything about our physical and emotional closeness! After exploiting my emotions, my body and my love, he is now being a hypocrite like all the other men.”

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