Name Change: Ishant Sharma is now Isshannt Sharma

Indian pacer Ishant Sharma has reportedly changed his signature on the suggestion of Ramesh Yadav, a Hyderabad-based graphologist.

Ishant has added an extra “s” and “n” to his first name. He now spells his name as Isshannt as someone has advised him it would bring him good fortune.

“Initially, I couldn’t believe how a signature change can bring success. I wasn’t prepared to do what Mr Yadav was telling me to. Then, I thought I should give it a shot. And I must say it worked for me,” said Ishant.

“I do not know how and why, but I’m more at peace now since the signature change.”

“I haven’t changed them in my bank account or official papers as that is a long drawn process,” he added.

Ishant is diligently practising new signature but he is yet to get it right on the first go.

“Instinctively I still end up signing my old signature as it is hard to give up. But I’m working on it. I have so far exhausted about 20 notebooks practicing.”

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