New Zealand-India teams, arriving tomorrow for 2nd test match

The teams from New Zealand and India will be arriving tomorrow in Hyderabad for the 2nd test match from November 12 at the Rajiv Ghandi International Cricket stadium.

The said teams will be getting down practicing at the stadium starting on Wednesday.

This will be the 1st test match that the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) will be hosting since 1988-1989 and first at the Stadium at Uppal. The said stadium, however, made its debut in 2005-2006 opposing to South Africa.

Former India cricketer and HCA president Arshad Ayub said he didn’t foresee any trouble during the Telangana teams’ match, which was reportedly wanting to remove non-Telangana players and Ranji coaches.

Ayub said that the state police have already assured on providing enough security for the said event. Batting coach Vivek Jaisimha and Raju are said to have quit on moral grounds because of the dismal performance of their team opposing to Rajasthan last week.

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