No complaint against umpire Davis: ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has cleared that it hasn’t received any complaint from the Cricket South Africa (CSA) against Steve Davis, who was reportedly drunk be some players of South Africa on the night before the 2nd Test opposing to India in Durban.

ICC’s head of media and communications Colin Gibson said that no allegations have been made and the CSA has told the ICC nothing. He said that it’s all nonsense.

Michael Owen-Smith, the media officer of CSA, had also confirmed that it hasn’t charged any protest with ICC.

The day after India humiliated South Africa in Durban, there are reports that the Proteas sent a complaint against Davis who gave 2 doubtful decisions during the 2nd Test.

Davis, along with Asad Rauf, his Pakistani colleague, had committed few refereeing mistakes during the 2nd Test, with lbw decisiosn that involve Mark Boucher and AB de Villiers being the most important persons.

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