Patrick Cummins Injury Update

Cricket Australia (CA) has said  that Patrick Cummins return from injury has been delayed due to a bone stress component to his injury.

Australian Team Physiotherapist Alex Kountouris said: “Patrick injured his heel early into the second Test against South Africa.

“By the end of the match he was quite sore and we had scans done after the game that confirmed heel ‘fat pad’ injury.

“On return to Australia, he was given some time to recover and was reviewed throughout last week by NSW medical staff and then by myself in Brisbane during the first Vodafone Test versus New Zealand.

“By the end of last week it was apparent to all of us managing him that he was progressing slower than expected for a soft tissue injury of the heel.

“As such we arranged for him to see a foot specialist and had further scans that have identified a bone component to his injury, that was not evident on the original scans.

“We now believe that Patrick has a bone stress injury as well as the ‘fat pad’ injury. This means that his recovery will take longer than first expected. He is not likely to resume bowling until early to mid-January 2012.”

CA General Manager Team Performance Pat Howard said: “The medical staff took a decision that Patrick’s recovery versus previous scans did not seem consistent and proactively made the decision that further scans were required.

“These scans have revealed a bone stress injury which pushes out his recovery by a few weeks.

“This wasn’t picked up in the initial scans done in South Africa. Unfortunately this, when combined with Patrick’s young age to prepare for Test cricket, means that he will miss much of the Indian series.”

“Whilst unfortunate for Pat, this presents an opportunity for other players which was evident in Brisbane and we will continue to support players to have those quality opportunities.”

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