PCB Initiates Action Against Shahid Afridi

PCB has initiated action against Shahid Afridi in response to the following breaches he has committed under the Central Contract signed with PCB:

1. By announcing his retirement in the manner that he did Shahid Afridi is in breach of Clause 2.1.4 of the Central Contract dealing with Covenants of the Cricketer.

2. In passing disparaging remarks about the board and its officials Shahid Afridi is in breach of Clause 4.4 dealing with Media obligations.

Following disciplinary actions have been initiated against Shahid Afridi by PCB:

1. A show cause notice has been issued to him seeking his explanation on these comments. Afridi has been asked to respond to the letter within 7 days of receipt of the same.

2. His Central Contract has been suspended with immediate effect. Consequently, all NOCs granted to him have been revoked.

3. All payments on account of Central Contract have been suspended.

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