Ricky Ponting says his ODI career is over

Ricky Ponting has confirmed that he will play on in Test cricket but has conceded that his one-day international career is over.

“John (Inverarity) made it very clear to me yesterday the direction that they’re heading with the one-day team and that I’m not part of their plans,” Ponting said.

“It’s a little bit hard to come here today and say I’m retiring when I’ve already been left out of the side. I don’t expect to play one-day international cricket for Australia any more and I’m pretty sure the selectors don’t expect to pick me either.”

“I will continue playing Test cricket and I’ll continue playing for Tasmania as well. I think I’ve proved to myself and to everybody else that I’m still capable of dominating Test cricket as I did in the last series against India.

“I’m looking forward to getting back and playing the last couple of Shield games for Tasmania this year and then heading to the West Indies hopefully with some runs under my belt.

“With the two Shield games I’ve got before the West Indies tour it’s important I spend as much time as I can around the Tasmanian side and get the training required and preparation required to play those games as well and then go to the Caribbean.

“When we get back from there it will be back into a pre-season maybe even with my club team, Mowbray Cricket Club in Tassie, they might even see a bit more of me as well.”

“I need to be playing as much cricket as I can to be well-prepared for every game that I play. With me now only playing Test match cricket, next summer for instance if there happened to be some Ryobi Cup games immediately before a Test match then I’d obviously take the opportunity to play those games.”

“The passion for the international game of cricket for me has not died or changed one little bit. I still don’t see a finish line as far as my international career is concerned.

“Now that one-day cricket isn’t there any more we all know that day is coming closer and closer for me. I don’t think I’m the sort of person who is going to want to have a massive farewell series.

“I’ll make a decision when I think that I can’t contribute to winning games for Australia.”

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