Sachin Tendulkar needs mental counselling: Rashid Latif

Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif on Monday said that Sachin Tendulkar should take counselling from a sports psychologist to get over the mental block caused by wait for his 100th international century.

“He is under pressure no doubt about it. He might not admit it but he is facing a mental block because of this hype over his milestone. It would not be a bad idea for him to get some counselling from a sports psychologist,” Latif suggested.

“He is batting well and he is looking good out in the middle. It is just a mental block and pressure that has prevented him from reaching this milestone earlier.”

Latif does not see any other reason for Tendulkar not scoring his 100th international hundred.

“I have seen many of his innings in the last 10 months and in these two Tests and he is definitely not out of form or facing issues timing the ball.

“He is moving well and is balanced at the crease this can be judged by the fact that he has scored runs but fallen short of the hundred.”

One thought on “Sachin Tendulkar needs mental counselling: Rashid Latif

  1. talaw

    talking to someone always helps. but he must be old enough to make it, if th team performs positively without giving him pressure. Let the team management have regular meetings on this, without ignoring it.


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