Sachin Tendulkar’s New House [Photos]

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has moved into a new house located on Bandra’s West Perry Cross Road.

The second basement of the house can hold 45-50 cars at a time. The first basement includes the kitchen, master surveillance room and servant quarters.

Sachin Tendulkar’s New House [Photos]

The ground floor comprises of large drawing room with a separate dining space for the entire family and a temple of Lord Ganesha on the ground floor premises.

The floor will also house a special display area where Sachin’s innumerable medals and trophies will be kept.

Famous astrologer, Bejan Daruwalla, has said that the new house will be lucky for Sachin Tendulkar.

“It is a very auspicious day, being the first day of the Navratri. Sachin Tendulkar has ‘Raj Yoga’ and ‘Kumar Yoga’ in his birth charts. People with ‘Raj Yoga’ rule, very few people such as, Mukesh Ambani, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama and Atal Bihari Vajpayee have these yogas in their horoscope.”

“The sign of the earth is present in Sachin Tendulkar’s birth charts; therefore, he has earned a lot of popularity. Like the earth, he is stable on the pitches.”

“Had he the sign of water in his horoscope, his future would have been fluctuating.”

Sachin Tendulkar’s New House [Video]

69 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar’s New House [Photos]

  1. priya

    Sachinji i am happy that u have moved to your dream house. but don’t forget those unpreviledged who donot have even a small zopada for living. I want my role model to do something for such needy

  2. rinku

    dear sachin you are great as a player,your are great person as a son, your are great as a husband , you are great as a father ,your are know your responsibility as a human being , you inspired a young genration in the world.we always remember you as a great person.

  3. azar

    Its very sad to hear, that asian medalists of hockey india does not have a own home to stay, but these cricketers earns in crores and more in businesses and advertisements….

  4. ravi

    sachin had got a sweet home on his on hard work and most important innocent and humbleness.
    leaving sachin none of the sport star got this talent.
    isliye sabhi milke bolo SACHIN BABA KI JAI….

  5. social uplifter

    i agree with azar…sports should be treates equally everywhere..80 crore worth house is nothing bad but when u look at the other side its sad

  6. Naveenkumar

    hi dear sachin sir……… iam naveen …….how are u ……i love u very much………. sir…………. ur very great sir
    ur senior must player for india

  7. Dr.Gowtham

    All the best master… I love you so much thala… We need to See a century of centuries soon… Come on god…

  8. lavanya ameria mahwa

    good morning sir first of all best of luck for your dream house .
    “tum jio hazaro saal saal k din ho 50 hazar .

  9. Rachna

    Dear Sachin,
    Your dream home is reall a dream home after seeings the pictures can feel the passion ,love,respect for this home…its really beautifull..Even i wish to have nice home like this for my parents….that’s the best gift i can give them…will put all my efforts..hardwork for this…You and your family stay blessed always…

    Om Sai Ram………

  10. Himendra Kumar Biswal(Orissa)

    main bajpan se lekar aaj tak apko apna adarsha manta hoon. Ap ko main puja karta hoon.main ap ka pair chhu sakta hoon. yeh mera akhri khyais hai.i love you so much Sir.


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