Shahid Afridi Announces Retirement From International Cricket

Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi has retired from all international cricket after being replaced as one-day captain following a clash with coach Waqar Younis. However, Afridi is still ready to reverse his decision if and when a new board came into power.

Afridi said, “Yes, I am now retired from all international cricket. I am dejected and hurt and whatever I said about the coach it was in the best interest of the team.”

“I play for my country and for my people,” he said. “I led the team to the semi-final of the World Cup but the reward was such that I was not sure about my captaincy.”

“This current board treats players roughly and I will not play under this set-up. But if this set-up is changed only then will I consider coming back because I have always played for my people and will play for them.”

Afridi said his decision to retire was final, as he would not play under the current PCB, headed by chairman Ijaz Butt, but hinted at a comeback if and when a new board came into power.

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