I saw Tendulkar’s legs shivering while facing Akhtar’s bowling: Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has supported retired fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar’s claims that Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar was scared of his pace.

In his book, ‘Controversially Yours’, Akhtar wrote that the Sachin was scared of his bowling.

When asked about Akhtar’s claims, Shahid Afridi said that he saw Tendulkar’s legs shivering while facing Akhtar.

“Shoaib is telling the truth. Tendulkar was afraid of him, and while fielding, I saw Tendulkar’s legs shivering while facing his bowling”, Afridi said.

“There are times when every batsman feels the pressure, it happens against [Pakistani off-spinner] Saeed Ajmal even,” said Afridi.

16 thoughts on “I saw Tendulkar’s legs shivering while facing Akhtar’s bowling: Shahid Afridi

    1. akshay

      hey u afridi have u ever played a match like our king sachin he is our little master, master blaster king of the world cricket. who ever u ask about indian cricket everybody proud about sachin.

      1. Aziz shinwari

        my dear since 21 year sachin playing cricket have ever he made faster 100 ? no only the one who made faster 100 he is Boom Boom Afridi

        1. manjesh kumar

          no man in the planet has scored double century as our master did,making century faster is not a matter but how the century made is important. samjey

  1. showriteja mandagiri

    afridi is a mad fellow and akthar is a vaste fellow.it’s funny pakistan cricketers talking about master blaster sachin.

  2. Aravind

    really afridi lost his brain…. sachin never scared of anyone’s bowling… if we see again highlights of the india v/s pakistan in world cup 2003. it clear suggests that, how akther struggled to bowl him..


    I Think both Akthar and Afridi require good Doctor, they need treatment.
    They are suffering from Vitamin M (M Stands for Money). Sachin is a dedicated Cricketer if he is afraid of Fast bowling, he would have retire long back.

  4. vishnu

    afridi is waste candididate he is one of the waste person in his team he is uneligible to talk abt great little master sachin.afridi keep ur tounge in cntrl other wise u dn’t even kept leg in india.he and akthar afraid while sachin comes to bat.

  5. elango, chennai

    it is like two kinder garden students commenting abt doctorate student.. u guys r idiots. i can only laugh u afridi and shoib.

  6. Raj kedia

    Have you gone mad afridi and akhtar master blaster can smash any bowller for boundary .you have forgotten that match in which akhtar was challenging sehwag to play pull shot and sachin had smashed him over square leg for a huge six

  7. Asim

    The World Cup 2011 was fixed and everyone knows it, and I am glad whatever Shoaib Akhter and Afridi have said said about that little sachin. Indians shocked Pakistani Rocks


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