SLPL 2012 Highlights

Watch all the video highlights of the 2012 Sri Lanka Premier League season which will run from 11 August to 31 August 2012.

Sri Lanka Premier League (SLPL) 2012 Highlights

SLPL 2012 Highlights
Basnahira Cricket Dundee v Kandurata Warriors, 1st Match
Nagenahira Nagas v Ruhuna Royals, 2nd Match
Uthura Rudras v Wayamba United, 3rd Match
Uva Next v Basnahira Cricket Dundee, 4th Match
Kandurata Warriors v Nagenahira Nagas, 5th Match
Ruhuna Royals v Uthura Rudras, 6th Match
Wayamba United v Uva Next, 7th Match
Basnahira Cricket Dundee v Nagenahira Nagas, 8th Match
Kandurata Warriors v Ruhuna Royals, 9th Match
Uthura Rudras v Uva Next, 10th Match
Wayamba United v Basnahira Cricket Dundee, 11th Match
Kandurata Warriors v Uthura Rudras, 12th Match
Nagenahira Nagas v Wayamba United, 13th Match
Ruhuna Royals v Uva Next, 14th Match
Uthura Rudras v Basnahira Cricket Dundee, 15th Match
Wayamba United v Kandurata Warriors, 16th Match
Uva Next v Nagenahira Nagas, 17th Match
Basnahira Cricket Dundee v Ruhuna Royals, 18th Match
Kandurata Warriors v Uva Next, 19th Match
Nagenahira Nagas v Uthura Rudras, 20th Match
Ruhuna Royals v Wayamba United, 21st Match
TBC v TBC, 1st Semi Final
TBC v TBC, 2nd Semi Final
TBC v TBC, Final

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