Snehal Pradhan reported with suspected illegal bowling action

Snehal Pradhan from the India women’s team has been reported because of a suspected illegal bowling action.

The medium-pace bowler was reported by on-field umpires Jeff Evans and Graham Lloyd, at the conclusion of the first ODI between England and India which was played last Thursday (30 June) at the County Ground in Derby.

Pradhan’s bowling action will now be scrutinised further under the ICC process relating to women’s Tests, ODIs and T20Is. Clause 2 the ICC regulations provides as follows:

  • The player is required to submit to an independent analysis of her action by a member of the ICC panel of human movement specialists, appointed in consultation with the BCCI
  • This analysis must take place within 21 days of the report being received by the BCCI
  • The report of the analysis must be filed with the ICC within 14 days of it occurring
  • If the player is found to have bowled with an illegal action during the independent analysis then she will be suspended from bowling until she undertakes remedial action and is reassessed
  • Until the receipt of the report of the independent analysis by the BCCI, the player may continue to bowl

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