Sydney Cricket Ground to host 100th Test Match

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) will host its 100th Test Match played when Australia take on India in the second Test starting on 3 January.

The SCG will become one of only three international grounds to have hosted 100 Tests. The others are Lord’s Cricket Ground and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The first Test played at the SCG was in February 1882 where Joey Palmer bowled Australia to a five wicket victory in the second Test of the series against England. This was the first of 54 Tests between Australia and England played at the SCG.

In the first innings, Palmer bowled 58 overs, remarkably without a spell, to capture 7-68 as England was dismissed for 133. He bowled a further 66 overs in the second innings, taking 4-97, as the visitors managed 232.

Over the ensuring years, Australia has played Tests against England (54), South Africa (11), West Indies (14), India (9), Pakistan (7), New Zealand (2), Zimbabwe (1) and the 2005-06 season Test against a World XI.

SCG Trust Chairman Rodney Cavalier said, “In a world of unending change, when nothing seems certain, Test cricket at the SCG is powerfully attractive. Tests are recognisably nineteenth century played in a contemporary setting.”

“The Laws of Cricket have been amended to reflect the spirit of the game. Equipment has changed. Batsmen and bowlers have experimented. Yet, the equipment, bowling actions and batting strokes remain essentially what were devised by the founding generation of first class cricketers.”

Australia has won 54 Tests, lost 28 and drawn 17. So often the Test at the SCG has been the Test in which the Ashes have been won, lost or retained.

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