T20 Team Rankings: South Africa swaps places with New Zealand

South Africa has swapped places with New Zealand on the Reliance ICC T20I Championship table after winning the three-match Twenty20 International (T20I) series which concluded in Auckland on Wednesday.

New Zealand and South Africa had entered the series in second and fourth positions on 119 and 113 ratings points, respectively.

However, following their 2-1 series win, the Proteas have claimed second position on the table on 119 ratings points while New Zealand has dropped to 114 ratings points.

South Africa now trials number-one ranked and ICC World Twenty20 champion England by 11 ratings points. England goes head to head with Pakistan in a three-match series in Dubai on Thursday. And to retain the number-one position, England will have to avoid losing all three matches of the series.

A 2-1 series win will keep England on top of the tree even though it will drop to 128 ratings points while Pakistan will join India on 108 ratings points. However, Pakistan will be ranked above India when the ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point.

If Pakistan wins the series 2-1, then England will slip to 122 ratings points while Pakistan will move ahead of Australia in fifth position on 113 ratings points.

However, if Pakistan wins all the three matches of the series, then England will drop to third while Pakistan will rise to second position. In this scenario, England will concede 14 ratings points and will finish on 116 ratings points while Pakistan will gain 12 ratings points and will finish just one ratings points behind South Africa.

Nevertheless, if England wins all the three games in the series, then it will climb to 136 ratings points while Pakistan will finish on 102 ratings points.

Meanwhile, Ireland became the 11th side on the T20I Championship table after it decided to field first after winning the toss again Kenya in first of the three T20Is in Mombasa today (Tuesday). This is Ireland’s eighth T20I since August 2009 and therby, fulfills the criterion to enter the championship table.

Whether Ireland wins or loses this game, it will figure ahead of Zimbabwe in 10th position. If Ireland goes on to win all the three matches of the series, it will end ahead of Afghanistan in ninth spot on 81 ratings points while in case of losing all the games, Ireland will drop behind Zimbabwe on 39 ratings points.

Kenya will enter the Reliance ICC T20I Championship table when it takes on Scotland in the opening match of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2012 at the ICC Global Cricket Academy, Oval One, on 13 March while, Canada, Netherlands and Scotland, who are all sitting on four T20Is each, will also complete the eight-match criterion during the ICC World Twenty Qualifier 2012 which will be staged in the UAE from 13-24 March.

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