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Now, Asif’s estranged girlfriend Veena’s ‘husband’ surfaces

Just when it looked like the controversy surrounding disgraced Pakistan fast bowler Mohammed Asif and his estranged girl friend Veena Malik was over with both agreeing to settle issues, there has been a new twist to the story with Veena’s ex-friend and actor Babbar Shah claiming to be her husband.

Shah claimed that he had married Veena, a famous television actress and model herself, two years ago and said that he has evidence to prove that he is legally wedded to her.

Shah told media persons that he was shocked to hear that Veena and Asif had married.

Shah said he had married Veena a couple of years ago in front of 22 people who were witness to the wedding.

“I have got concrete evidences and can surface them at any time,” The News quoted Shah, as saying.

“I can make striking revelations in connection with my marriage with Veena if I am forcefully implicated in this scandal any further but my family has advised me to keep this matter at an arm’s length,” he added.

Shah also provided some photographs and mobile clips to the media to prove his claims. (ANI)