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Zulqarnain Haider quits cricket after receiving death threats

The Pakistan cricket’s turmoil has refused on subsiding with Zulqarnain Haider, a wicketkeeper, retiring with 3 months of his Test debut from the International cricket after deserting sensationally because of the death threats he received for he refused on fixing matches.

Haider said that his family still gets threats and he has decided on retiring due to the pressure on him and said that he can’t take it anymore. He said that he’ll send a letter addressing to PCD to let them know about his retiring decision.

He claimed that he had received several death threats for refusing to settle the 4th ODI series which Pakistan lost.

Just few weeks before this craze, ICC suspended the pace duo of Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir, and Test captain Salman Butt for their alleged involvement in the said controversy during this year’s England tour.

Pak trio would be in problem if found guilty

The ICC president Sharad Pawar said that if Pakistani players found guilty in Spot Fixing, the ICC would take strict action against them. Pakistani test skipper Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif are suspended until all the investigations are completed.

The Iyaz Butt, chairperson of Pakistan cricket board said that we should wait for the result of investigation and then take actions against players trapped in spot fixing, until the players are not guilty for any thing.

Mr. Pawar said that if the players found guilty then, ICC would take strict action against them. The ICC will not tolerate corruption in game and any other thing, which decline the image of the game. Pawar said that they would like to maintain purity of the cricket.

Yasir Hameed’s Clarification

Allegations were attributed to Yasir Hameed who is a Pakistani opener. He has clarified these allegations. An undercover video sting was aimed at Hameed in the newspaper of this Sunday where he can be seen in Nottingham while he was talking to an undercover reporter after the Test Series ended, a few days later.

On Sunday Hameed issued a statement at Pakistani High Commission re-iterating the comments which were made to ESPNcricinfo on later part of Saturday. The statement was read out by Tafazzul Rizvi who is PCB legal advisor.

According to Hameed the man in the video claimed to be a global airlines representative wanting to discuss possible sponsorship deals. The man was known to Hameed as Abid Khan. This man offered a huge sum of £ 25,000 to Hameed for issuing a statement against three of his team-mates who were at the centre of the controversy of spot-fixing. According to Hameed, he refused to do this.

Spot-Fixing, ban could be for life long

The officials of ICC said that this is an arguably case to answer and ICC has no tolerance of this kind of behavior in cricket.

Three Pakistani crickets Salman Butt test skipper, fast bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammed Asif are banned by ICC for the corruption charges for bowling 10 no balls in a test match with England and get paid by the Indian bookie for this action.

ICC said that they must have to be decisive in this issue as it is an answerable case but they will not pre-judge the case and give a chance to the cricketers to prove their innocence.

ICC gave fourteen days to give reply to the charges against them for an alleged irregular behavior against England on Lord’s last week.

England Players Appealed to Drop the Pakistan’s Corrupted Players

The three Pakistan’s players; Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt and Mohammad Aamir have put the cricket into critical situation, as these three players were caught in a sting operation in Britain about the match fixing.

England players wanted to drop out these tainted Pakistan’s players from the ODI and Twenty-Twenty series. The match fixing scandal has shaken the cricket match. The England players asked the International Cricket Council to take strict action towards the tainted players before the Twenty-Twenty series which is going to be held on Sunday at Cardiff.

Porter said that the England players realize the significant situation to play the match but they would find it difficult to play against the entailed players.

He further added that they want to take such decision to restrict the players to play the match in any condition.

Match Fixing Scandal: Pakistan Tainted Players Go Through another Inquiry

The three Pakistan corrupted players would have to face the other round of question on Wednesday. The three players; Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir will be questioned about their match fixing by the Scotland Yard, although the England players have demanded to force these players out from the ODI and Twenty-Twenty series.

These three players have been caught for match fixing in Britain in a sting operation. The Pakistan Board has said that they would not be imprisoned after the interrogation.

The players meeting with the High Commission officials of Pakistan have been postponed till Thursday. The scandal has dumped the cricket into juncture. So Haroon Lorgat of ICC CEO will meet Pakistan Cricket Board to have discussion about the match fixing.

Cricket Match Fixing Scandal: ICC ACSU Officials Investigated Veena Malik in Pakistan

For the investigation about the Pakistan’s cricket team link with the match mixing, the ICC ACSU (International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption and security unit) arrived at Pakistan to investigate about the match fixing done by the three Pakistan’s players.

Also they are acquiring some information from Veena Malik; an ex-girlfriend of Mohammad Asif, who is one among the corrupted player. An official of ICC; Reza Khan has inquired Veena Malik who is a film actress and a model.

Veena Malik has affirmed in an interview given to a television channel that she also got the evidence of the Pakistan’s cricketer Mohammad Asif relation with an Indian bookie and also she claimed that the Pakistan and Australia match was often fixed in Sydney.

Veena Malik further committed that Asif had personally informed her and she had already met the Indian bookie before.

Pakistan Team Tagged for Match Fixing

Recently it has been opened that a London businessman has been carrying out match fixing which has led up the investigation for more than eighty international cricket matches. About millions of dollars have been put in the matches.

The news was been disclosed when the police got the news about a British real estate and sports agent Mazhar Majeed who was been arrested on a hunch for setting up the cricket match played between Pakistan and England.

He was released on a bail today but have to appear later in front of police. Scotland Yard has specified about the match fixing last month when the first match between Pakistan and England was played in Nottingham at Trent Bridge.

The four Pakistan players were questioned about Mazhar Majeed match fixing. The passports of the players are under inquiry and seven players could be inquired about the case.

No match-fixing in IPL: Shah

Rubbishing allegations of cricket players being highly susceptible to corruption, Indian Premier League (IPL) vice-president , Niranjan Shah has said that IPL was foolproof from match fixing.

Shah’s denial came a day after former Australian wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist revealed in an interview that IPL players regularly discussed the looming threat of “match fixing” in the game. Gilchrist also claimed that players were ‘easy targets’ for match fixing in the IPL.

Shah told reporters: “I feel that some players have the bad habit of commenting on everything, even if the issue is not their area of expertise. They just comment for the sake of commenting, without thinking what they are saying.”

Highlighting the IPL’s strict mechanisms and the Indian cricket board”s actions to curb match fixing, Shah maintained that there was no substance to Gilchrist”s statements.

“I think this comment has no point, as recently the ICC’s anti-corruption chief Paul Condon also gave clean chit to IPL-3. We also prefer and appointed ICC”s anti-corruption team till now and in forthcoming season we will appoint them again. The Indian board has zero tolerance on match fixing. Our endeavor is to keep the IPL corruption free and I don”t understand what Gilchrist meant by his statement,” he said. (ANI)

No Australian player involved in IPL match fixing: Warne

Former Australian legend and Rajasthan Royals skipper Shane Warne has strongly denied reports of involvement of a famous Australian cricketer in alleged fixing of Indian Premier League matches played in South Africa last year.

Warne said he was not completely surprised by the controversy, but was shocked his name had been thrown around without any substantiation.

“I have total confidence that no Australian is involved. In the time I have played in the IPL, I have never been approached or heard anything at the Royals regarding match-fixing,” Fox Sports quoted Warne, as saying.

“Although, weird things can sometimes happen in Twenty20 cricket. That’s the nature of the game. I do know this: To fix a Twenty20, you would have to have the captain, otherwise you just couldn’t do it,” he added.

According to reports, a London-based newspaper has claimed that 27 players, including “a famous Australian”, were under investigation by tax officials after the latest match-fixing claims.

Indian tax officials, however, denied issuing the report, and said that no IPL players, including Australians, were being investigated.

The 41-year-old Warne further insisted that the governing body should take strong action if any players are found guilty.

“Any players involved in this controversy, if found guilty, should be banned for life,” Warne said.

“It’s good to hear that the authorities have come out and said that no Australian is under investigation,” he added. (ANI)