The punishments handed out were harsh, says Butt

Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir, the disgraced cricketers of Pakistan, had returned at their respective homes on Sunday after the International Cricket Council (ICC) anti-corruption tribunal banned them due to corruption charged; however, they had not faced any harsh reactions from the people around them at the airport.

Former Test captain Butt said that the punishments handed out to them were harsh since they are innocent players and they intend on using every avenue so they can get the bans to overturn.

He added that there weren’t expecting such verdict from the tribunal and as he has said all along that they didn’t even get a fair treatment during their hearings.

Butt further said that he had gone to Doha with hopes; however, he wasn’t really expecting that he would get banned for ten years. For him, it is really shocking and very not acceptable.

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