Tri Series 2012 – Highlights (India, Australia, Sri Lanka)


Tri Series in Australia 2012 (India, Australia, Sri Lanka) – Highlights | CB Series

Watch all the video highlights of the ODI tri-nation series between Australia, India, and Sri Lanka.

Date India vs Australia vs Sri Lanka – Highlights
Feb 05 – Sun Australia v India, 1st Match, Highlights
Feb 08 – Wed India v Sri Lanka, 2nd Match, Highlights
Feb 10 – Fri Australia v Sri Lanka, 3rd Match, Highlights
Feb 12 – Sun Australia v India, 4th Match, Highlights
Feb 14 – Tue India v Sri Lanka, 5th Match, Highlights
Feb 17 – Fri Australia v Sri Lanka, 6th Match, Highlights
Feb 19 – Sun Australia v India, 7th Match, Highlights
Feb 21 – Tue India v Sri Lanka, 8th Match, Highlights
Feb 24 – Fri Australia v Sri Lanka, 9th Match, Highlights
Feb 26 – Sun Australia v India, 10th Match, Highlights
Feb 28 – Tue India v Sri Lanka, 11th Match, Highlights
Mar 02 – Fri Australia v Sri Lanka, 12th Match, Highlights
Mar 04 – Sun Australia v Sri Lanka, 1st Final, Highlights
Mar 06 – Tue Australia v Sri Lanka, 2nd Final, Highlights
Mar 08 – Thu Australia v Sri Lanka, 3rd Final, Highlights

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  1. Sherab Dorji says:

    Indian players are being paid so much money that now they have forgotten their mother of all earnings. Respect cricket guys. It brought you upto this level. Eat well instead of chapattis and aludam to produce real fast bowlers. Love to see you bounce back. Best of luck.


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