Umpire referral system fails as wind plays havoc with cameras in Wellington test

The controversial ‘Umpire Decision Review System’ has been again exposed after it failed dismally due to strong winds in the ongoing Test match between Australia and New Zealand in Wellington.

In an embarrassing scenario for the International Cricket Council (ICC), the technology failed to provide useful information when Australian skipper Ricky Ponting called for a review for an lbw ruling on New Zealand wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum on day four of the Test.

Pakistani third umpire Aleem Dar was unable to access footage of hawk-eye, used to rule on lbw decisions, as the wild winds had interfered with the technology’s ability to track the path of the ball, the Courier Mail reports.

To make matters worse, it later emerged that video referrals were only available at one end, where television cameras were protected from the wind. Rail cameras, crucial for functioning of the hawk-eye, were taken down due to the weather.

Australia was handed a failed referral, and following the technological breakdown, Ponting confronted on-field umpires Asad Rauf and Ian Gould.

He also left the field, but it is unknown if the skipper walked off to speak to match referee Javagal Srinath. (ANI)

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